A Guided Tour of St Molua's

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The Building

St Molua's Church

St Molua’s is a relatively modern building, consecrated in 1962, and designed by the late Denis O’D Hanna. The church was constructed entirely of materials obtained in Northern Ireland and is of rustic brickwork with many interesting features both inside and out. It is listed by the Department of the Environment as a building of architectural interest. The west front is dominated by no less than three narrow spires, each supporting a cross. Over the entrance doors, a chain of twelve angels executed in brass symbolise the protection of heaven and are the work of Ulster goldsmith and sculptor, James McKendry.

The Brasses over the West Door

The Brasses over the West Door

At the feet of the angels are the tools of trade of those who built the church; architect, blacksmith, joiner, plasterer, painter, mural artist, labourer, electrician, plumber, tiler, stonemason and of course the carpenter. The brasses together measure eighteen feet by six feet.

The Inner Vestibule Doors

The Inner Vestibule Doors Glass Panels

The inner vestibule doors have opaque glass panels with carved wooden mouldings, Irish in character and incorporating the Boss of the Holy Trinity and other Celtic type designs.

The Interior

We are very fortunate in having, in the main theme of the interior of the church, a constant reminder of the Divine plan for the redemption of mankind. Painted panels in the ceiling of the Nave illustrate The Annunciation ; The Nativity ; The Baptism of Jesus ; The Last Supper and the Kiss of Betrayal.

The Annunciation
The Nativity
The Baptism of Jesus
The Last Supper
The Kiss of Betrayal

The story continues at Calvary on the organ screens on both sides of the Choir. In beaten and shaped metalwork one sees the cross of Christ and those of the thieves on either side. The spears of the Roman soldiers are raised while the crowd gathers below.

Organ Screen
Carvings on the prayer desks show the Tree of Life and the angel, who guarded the gate of Eden, has now lowered his sword so that all may pass freely though to the Altar of God.
Prayer Desk

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St Molua's Rectory
3 Rosepark,
Northern Ireland

Sunday Service Times

8:00 a.m Holy Communion
10.30 a.m Morning Service
6.30 p.m Evening Service

We are also open to visitors on weekdays during most of the year, and on Saturday mornings.